A Message to Pregnant Women, their Families and Communities

boozhoo! aaniin! tansi! se:koh! tawnshi! Hello! Bonjour!   

Pregnancy is a special time. It can be a time of joy and celebration. It can also be a time of uncertainty filled with many questions. It is a time of many changes – there is a lot to learn.

Remember that there are people who can help.

This book has information to support and help you prepare for pregnancy, have a healthy pregnancy, and to welcome a new life into your family. It shares cultural knowledge from Elders, community members, and First Nations care givers. It also provides medical information. At the end of each chapter there is a page where you can make notes about your pregnancy and about your thoughts and plans.

The book includes teachings from First Nations in Ontario. As you know, traditions and teachings vary by Nation and sometimes by community. You can learn about your traditions from Elders in your community.

You may live in a remote community, in an urban setting, on-reserve or off-reserve. Since First Nations women in Ontario live in many different situations, a variety of information is provided, for example there is information about travelling to another community to give birth. Some information will be helpful to you, and some may not apply to you.

You may already know some of the information in this book. Other information may be new to you. We hope you find this book useful on your journey of new beginnings.

Note: This book has information for people with healthy pregnancies. If you have health problems, your health care provider may give you additional or different health advice. Some healthy pregnancies, such as carrying more than one baby, also mean different health advice. The information in this book does not replace the advice of a health care

You and Your Baby